Storm Damage Photo Gallery

house with windows

The Importance of Acting Fast

This home is an excellent example of how primary damage can escalate rapidly, causing secondary damage. When we talk about the importance of acting fast to prevent the escalation of secondary damage, we mean. This home had roof damage caused by a massive storm that made it easy for water to seep in. The instance of water seeping in mixed with the warm heat of summer created the perfect conditions for microbial growth. This is why we had to use a containment between the upstairs and downstairs out of safety for the homeowners. 

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Hole in ceiling caused by tree falling on top.

SERVPRO is Like Mother Nature's Undo Button

When strong winds come knocking trees down onto your roof, I hope you think about asking SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs to come help restore your home. Our crew of professionals had the opportunity to help do some storm cleanup for this job. A tree fell on this person’s roof, causing the ceiling to cave into the master bedroom. We assisted our client throughout every step of the process, from the time you call to when you can accept your contents back. Our team would like to help your family during this troublesome time. 

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a man pulling desiccant tubing through the ceiling.

Desiccant Tubing

The desiccant is utilized for bringing space back to a state of dryness. The tubing is used to help direct the airflow throughout a building. This can be used after a storm or water damage. 



This is a generator that is trailer-mounted and EPA certified. We utilize generators to power other equipment like our desiccant. It can also provide supplemental power to facilities after a storm, water disaster, or fire. This allows for quick emergency response, letting the mitigation processes begin.



Our desiccant aids the process of bringing the affected area back to a state of dryness and is mainly used for commercial losses. More specifically, it helps mitigate water damage.

A woman holding a moisture meter

Moisture Meter

This is a moisture meter and it is utilized during a job to monitor the progress made during water damage jobs. There are sharp prongs on the device that are stuck into drywall and other materials to test the moisture content. The prongs can be removed and the flat surface of the meter can be utilized for moisture mapping.