Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

SERVPROs Joining Forces to Help Storm Victims

When a rather powerful storm came through the region, we were asked by other SERVPROs in the area to help with the property damage. This was a job completed out... READ MORE

Not Even Mother Nature Could Discourage Our Team!

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather, and sometimes mother nature hits us with the worse she has. When one of the worst storms swept through the midwest... READ MORE

Tornado Doesn't Stand A Chance Against OUR Team

When one of our locations encounters a multilayered project, we will call in to help to ensure we are making the most of the timeline. This project had an F3 to... READ MORE

Massive Rain

The rain water flooded the building causing it to be closed for a few days until the cleanup process was finished. There was significant water damage throughout... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Storm damage struck this home’s garage when a band of strong thunderstorms carrying high gusty winds tore off a section of the garage’s roof. Rainwa... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

Our SERVPRO team arrived shortly after the call concerning the storm damage to this residential basement. The flooding covered the concrete basement pad with co... READ MORE